La vita e bella

Πραγματικός πλούτος
Τώρα είναι η στιγμή!

I see people around me to feel fear, poverty, loneliness, poor health and a feeling of resignation from the race of life. People aged from anxiety and insecurity. Young literally gerasmenoi.Oloi these people carry these feelings to those who encounter and effectively communicate with them in their daily lives so we all as a society with few exceptions, to believe that we age and how sick it all is in vain. This is our destination in life? With this social agreement will grow kids? We live in a prison of our syanaisthimaton. Locks the happiness to live with the crisis. Let us be judged for all our attitude then. But when we leave this life and someone asked us what we offered as fellow human beings in this life, let us remember to tell whether the smile was taxed by the crisis …
See “la vita e bella” and learn how it’s all in how we see things